About Rohit Founder, Step2 Step Dance Academy

Rohit Soni has been a dancer for more than 15 yrs. His passion made him a self trained dancer. He and his dance troupe have been involved in lot of shows and have been semi finalist of DRD.

When it comes to teaching, not many dancers fit in the role. Rohit not only teaches dance but also encourages and motivates students.

He does not just teach the moves, he teaches students to learn to move gracefully. They have an unbeatable record till date of not failing in any of dance competition

Truly, With Passion & hard work anything is achievable

Parents Speak

  • My daughter not only dances well but has become much more confident in dealing with people.

    Sunil Kohli

  • I didn't want my son to learn the typical Bollywood dance by watching TV. I'm really happy with the progress he has made in contemporary dance

    Vaishali Ranpariya

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